What are the Benefits of Body Oils?

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What are the Benefits of Body Oils?

Posted On 05/12/2017 By Ellie Bianca Admin

What are the benefits of using body oils?

And why do we here at Ellie Bianca absolutely love body oils?

Most natural oils are easily (and gratefully!) absorbed by the skin, won’t clog pores and generally suit all skin types! Contrary to common belief, body oils hydrate without leaving behind a greasy coating or feel. Oils are a natural solution packed with vitamins and nutrients that have the amazing ability to balance the skin! A little oil goes a LONG way!

Natural oils do not require synthetic preservatives or binding agents! Natural oils have been used in skin care for generations all around the world! A body oil blend (formula with more than one oil) offers the benefits of each oil that is in the blend and can be formulated to address specific needs such as hydrating dry or sensitive skin, relief of skin conditions, and balancing oily skin!

Body oils are incredible hydration as nature intended!

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