Athletic Water Bottles and Water Reservoirs for Running
  • Athletic Water Bottles and Water Reservoirs

    Running Water Bottles Designed by Runners

    Handheld Convenience to Carry your Water and Fuel

    Runners, joggers, mountain bikers and other athletes use our handheld bottles, reservoirs and flasks for convenient hydration. Our product line is made by runners for running so you know it is designed right.

    What Makes UltrAspire Handheld Water Bottles Better?

    UltrAspire's "Human Bottles" have a Patent pending shape and angled top designed to deliver fluids from either hand with the head and entire body more naturally positioned, requiring less effort and achieving greater flow. The squeezable LDPE bottles are BPA-free.

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    Water Bladder

    Placed in a running backpack, our water bladder provides hydration for runners, joggers, trail runners and outdoor training. A high flow valve maximizes water flow.

    $ 29.95 USD Buy

    Ultra 550 Handheld Water Bottle

    The Ultra 550 Handheld Water Bottle is very comfortable to carry and fits in the natural contours of your hand. 550 mL, available in Pink and Yellow.

    $ 26.95 USD Buy

    Iso Versa Handheld Water Bottle

    Endurance athletes will appreciate this 20 Oz water bottle made for small hands. Soft and squeezable, no gripping is necessary!

    $ 24.95 USD Buy

    Collapsible Water Bottle With Straw

    Maximize your running hydration with a collapsible soft water bottles. A 500 mL capacity, high flow valveĀ™ and high flow straw. Folds into your pocket when done.

    $ 20.00 USD Buy

    550 Race Handheld

    Natural conformation to your hand. Provides stress relieving hand carriage. This is the Ultra Race Handheld. Hybrid between a hard bottle and soft flask. Super light weight and squeezable.

    $ 18.95 USD Buy

    F250 Handheld

    Fuel your run with your custom nutrition requirements. Water straight up? No problem. Have a favorite energy gel? Mix it in.

    $ 15.95 USD Buy

    UltraFlask 550 Water Bottle

    18 fl.oz. squeezable water bottle molds into your body. It is highly collapsible and high flow to keep you hydrated.

    $ 14.99 USD Buy

    Human 20 2.0 Water Bottles

    A squeezable water bottle containing 20oz that will fit in your standard bike water cage.

    $ 10.00 USD Buy

    C2 Flexible Cup

    The C2 flexible cup reduces waste and the environmental impact of a paper cup and single use water bottles. Reduce waste, maintain hydration.

    $ 8.00 USD Buy

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