Synaptic Running Belt by UltrAspire
  • UltrAspire Synaptic Running Belt

    Reportedly the most stable water bottle belt ever created. Carries a 550mL water bottle and other essentials. A fast, lightweight hydration system.
    $ 59.99 USD
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    UltrAspire Synaptic Running Belt

    Reportedly the Most Stable Water Bottle Belt ever Created

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    The Synaptic running belt comes with a 550 mL water bottle and the center front pocket is large enough for a cell phone or fuel and has tuck away jacket straps for extra clothing or poles•. There is also a small flat zippered pocket next to holster to secure keys or other essential items. The fast, lightweight hydration system has an angled minimalist bottle holster for easy right handed access and the bottle rides close to the body for a comfortable and stable ride. The Synaptic is an MBS™ belt and the back is compatible and interchangeable with a Lumen 600 front for a hydration and illumination combo.

    • Two adjustments for sizing •from 26 ”-42 ”
    • This waist belt is a complete MBS™ combination (includes both a front and back piece)
    • SKU: UA200
    • Colors: Ultra Red, Luminous Blue
    • Fluid Capacity: 550mL UltraFlask bottle (included)
    • Weight: 5.7 oz (163 g, including bottle)
    • Total Volume: 34.2 c.i. (.56 L)
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        • Model: Synaptic
        • Manufacturer: UltrAspire