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    UltrAspire is a premier athletic brand that offers race vests, packs, waist belts, handheld water bottles and run lighting for long distance athletes. They manufacture the best running hydration products available for competition, marathon training and other endurance events. They are an industry leader in design, materials and technology. Marathon runners, trail runners, mountain bikers, triathletes and OCR athletes rely on well-made products to maximize their performance.

    Every athlete has different needs but a few of these are non-negotiable: comfort, fit, freedom of movement, choice, and functionality. UltrAspire offers ergonomically shaped water bottles in a range of sizes that are easy to hold. Vests that carry reservoirs, water bottles, or no hydration at all. Fabrics are high quality and materials are non-toxic and durable. UltrAspire products are based on the needs of real world class athletes. Their innovative hydration technologies are well thought out, functional and thoroughly tested.


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    Epic Running Backpack

    Our largest (25L) running backpack with 2 x 550 ml water bottles. A multi-purpose, lightweight pack for self supported adventure.

    $ 189.99 USD Buy

    Zygos 2.0 Running Vest

    A 9 Liter running backpack with a 2L water bladder. A multi-purpose adventure pack is stable and does not restrict your breathing. Great for running, biking, skiing, motorcycling and other fitness activities.

    $ 168.95 USD Buy

    Astral 2.0 Women's Running Vest

    A lightweight running vest for women who run, jog or train for endurance events. Designed to prevent chest compression, the UltrAspire Astral 2.0 is comfortable and stylish.

    $ 129.95 USD Buy

    Velocity Running Vest

    A 7.7 Liter running backpack with 2 x 550 ml water bottles. A multi-purpose, lightweight pack for races where a little more space is needed.

    $ 128.99 USD Buy

    Alpha 3.0 Running Vest

    A small 6 Liter running backpack carries 2 Liters of water. This running backpack will allow you to hydrate and fuel your adventure whether its trail running or marathon training.

    $ 124.95 USD Buy

    Revolution 2.0 Running Backpack

    A small 5.2L running backpack carries a minimum of 26 Oz of water in a form fitting water bottle. This running hydration backpack carries fuel and water in a fast, lightweight platform.

    $ 115.00 USD $ 134.99 USD Buy

    Revolt Running Vest

    Fast, lightweight and with a 550mL water bottle. The lightest running vest for its size. Great option when small is better like Obstacle Course Racing (OCR).

    $ 84.99 USD Buy

    Speedgoat Running Belt

    Runners and joggers will appreciate this water belt with angled holsters and 2 x 550mL water™ bottles. Minimalist streamlined design for a comfortable stable ride.

    $ 79.99 USD Buy

    Lumen Running Light

    Forget your headlamp and get Max visibility for night running. A lightweight package with up to 4x more light than a typical headlamp or flashlight. This running light gives a better angle to highlight trail contours.

    $ 69.99 USD Buy

    Spry 2.0 Running Vest

    Runners can carry 1L in a water bladder and have extra space for essentials (3.3L total). Minimalist race vest, only 0.41 pounds. Great for Obstacle Course Racing (OCR).

    $ 69.99 USD Buy

    Synaptic Running Belt

    Reportedly the most stable water bottle belt ever created. Carries a 550mL water bottle and other essentials. A fast, lightweight hydration system.

    $ 59.99 USD Buy

    Quantum 2.0 Running Belt

    This comfortable running waist pack can carry larger cell phones on your outdoor adventure. Great for trail running, jogging, training and marathons.

    $ 31.95 USD Buy

    Water Bladder

    Placed in a running backpack, our water bladder provides hydration for runners, joggers, trail runners and outdoor training. A high flow valve maximizes water flow.

    $ 29.95 USD Buy

    Ultra 550 Handheld Water Bottle

    The Ultra 550 Handheld Water Bottle is very comfortable to carry and fits in the natural contours of your hand. 550 mL, available in Pink and Yellow.

    $ 26.95 USD Buy

    Iso Versa Handheld Water Bottle

    Endurance athletes will appreciate this 20 Oz water bottle made for small hands. Soft and squeezable, no gripping is necessary!

    $ 24.95 USD Buy

    Io 2.0 Running Belt

    A minimalist breathable waist pack for carrying essentials on your jog or run. Reflective highlights improve safety on morning or night runs.

    $ 22.95 USD Buy

    Collapsible Water Bottle With Straw

    Maximize your running hydration with a collapsible soft water bottles. A 500 mL capacity, high flow valve™ and high flow straw. Folds into your pocket when done.

    $ 20.00 USD Buy

    Io Running Belt

    A minimalist (.11 lbs) breathable waist pack for carrying essentials on your jog or run. Reflective highlights improve safety on morning or night runs. Available in Pink too!

    $ 19.75 USD $ 21.95 USD Buy

    UltraFlask 550 Water Bottle

    18 fl.oz. squeezable water bottle molds into your body. It is highly collapsible and high flow to keep you hydrated.

    $ 14.99 USD Buy

    Formula 250 Water Bottle

    Fuel your run with your custom nutrition requirements. Water straight upNo problem. Have a favorite energy gelMix it in.

    $ 12.95 USD Buy

    Human Water Bottles

    A squeezable water bottle containing 20oz that will fit in your standard bike water cage.

    $ 10.00 USD Buy

    C2 Flexible Cup

    The C2 flexible cup reduces waste and the environmental impact of a paper cup and single use water bottles. Reduce waste, maintain hydration.

    $ 8.00 USD Buy

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