UltraFlask 500 Water Bottle by UltrAspire
  • UltraFlask 500 Water Bottle

    18 fl.oz. squeezable water bottle molds into your body. It is highly collapsible and high flow to keep you hydrated.
    $ 14.99 USD

    UltraFlask 550 Water Bottle

    Flexible Running Water Bottle

    UltrAspire introduces yet another milestone in hydration history! All the benefits of the sport bottle without the downsides and all the benefits of a soft flask without the usual problems such as taste and staining from carbohydrate drinks. This great feeling, easy stowing bottle is a hybrid between a hard bottle and a soft flask! The lightweight super-squeezable UltraFlask stands alone, is refillable and easy to clean, has high flow and fast recharge, is soft, flat and stable against the body, is easily accessed and returned to a vest pocket even when empty, and its great for waist packs too!

    • Simple push/pull nozzle with high flow.
    • Soft and comfortable against the body.
    • Ultra squeezable with quick recharge.
    • Food-grade LDPE and made in the USA.
    • Custom printing option available.

    Hand-wash. Due to the nature of this ultra-squeezable bottle, it is not recommended for dishwasher use.

    See here for sizing charts and other product specifications

    • Model: UltraFlask
    • Manufacturer: UltrAspire