Speedgoat 2.0 Running Belt
  • Speedgoat 2.0 Running Belt

    Runners and joggers will appreciate this water belt with angled holsters and 2 x 550mL water™ bottles. Minimalist streamlined design for a comfortable stable ride.
    $ 79.99 USD
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    Runners and joggers will love the UltrAspire Speedgoat Running Belt

    Angled Holsters for Fast and Easy access

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    Two soft and squeezable 550mL UltraFlask™ bottles are included. • Mesh and fabric pocket center back to hold a small jacket or other essentials. • One side trash pocket and one side zippered pocket for securing gels, keys and other items. • Fabric is soft and supple to wick away moisture and comfort against bare skin. • Minimalist streamlined design for a comfortable stable ride. • Removable quick access front straps for a jacket, Z-poles, or other accessories.

    • SKU: UA201
    • Colors: Luminous Blue
    • Fluid Capacity: 2x 550mL UltraFlask bottles
    • Weight: (Includes bottles) 7.7 oz (217 g)
    • Total Volume: 35.7 c.i. (.58 L)
    • Sizing Range: 26 ” to 42”
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        • Model: Speedgoat
        • Manufacturer: UltrAspire