Spartan Race: We need Adversity to Grow. Spartan Up!

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Spartan Race: We need Adversity to Grow. Spartan Up!

Posted On 04/20/2016 By Primal Admin

To live the Spartan Way Of Life is to be a whole person: mind, body and spirit. When Spartans forget any one of these three, they fall out of balance. The body sustains us. The mind motivates us. The spirit elevates us. For Spartans, true commitment is total commitment. The Spartan Race series demonstrates your commitment to these ideals.

Our ancestors bodies were physically challenged on a daily basis through walking, lifting, carrying, squatting, standing and running. Now, people spend a large part of their day sitting or standing on padded / supportive cushions, wearing supportive footwear and using a modern toilet; further, the typical person takes less than 6,000 steps a day. The majority of adult Americans cannot properly do a simple squat. We believe that people need to increase their ability to perform functional movement for extended durations through regular practice and a gradual process of rehabilitation. To simulate the stressful events in our ancestors lives (like running from a predator), it is important to challenge yourself through competition. The Spartan Race series is an excellent way to do this. There are three main types of Spartan Races.

  • Sprint: Spartan’s shortest courses are 3+ miles and 20+ obstacles. Complete the race at your own pace. If you fail an obstacle along the way, you owe us 30 burpees before continuing on.
  • Super is 8+ miles, 24+ obstacles, and often hosted on a tougher terrain.
  • Beast: 12+ miles and 30+ obstacles. We’ll leave the challenges of the course to your imagination.

In addition, Spartan offers Jr. Varsity and Varsity races for the kids (½ – 1 mile in distance with an emphasis on teamwork, fun and getting muddy). If you are really looking for a beat down, try the Ultra Beast, Hurricane Heat, and 12 Hour and Agoge endurance races.

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