Sore Crossfit Thumbs? Get NUBs. Improve your Hook Grip
  • NUBs: Protection for your Sore Crossfit Thumbs

    Sore thumbs from the Hook GripSick of tapeProtect your thumb with NUBs. Great for smashing Crossfit WODs.
    $ 9.95 USD

    NUBs for Crossfit Sore Thumbs

    Preventing Hook Grip Thumb Pain with NUBs = Deadlift PR's

    Tired of athletic tape

  • then escape the tape today! With strong NUBs /strong you will eliminate the bunched-up, sweaty tape that falls off mid-WOD. No longer will you need to deal with that residue that leaves your skin and equipment feeling like sticky.  NUBs are hand-made in the USA from high-quality latex-free elastic material that fits snugly on your thumbs. These patented hook-grip helpers drastically reduce friction, absorb sweat, and have a comfortable padded feel that locks in your grip!  Designed to stay in place during a workout, NUBs are also easy to put on. They absorb chalk, are washable, and stay virtually dry for your entire WOD. Make your thumbs happy!

    • Colors: Black, Red, Blue, Pink, Neon Orange, Neon Green
    • Wash with like colors, tumble dry
    • Each package comes as a pair
    • Model: NUBs
    • Manufacturer: JerkFit