• Running Vests and Running Backpacks

    Running Vests and Running Backpacks

    Running Gear to Maximize Your Hydration

    Hydration = Improved Endurance. If you are a trail runner, marathoner, or training for a Spartan Race or OCR event, our running backpacks and running vests will keep you hydrated when running long distances.

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    Epic Running Backpack

    Our largest (25L) running backpack with 2 x 550 ml water bottles. A multi-purpose, lightweight pack for self supported adventure.

    $ 189.99 USD Buy

    Zygos 2.0 Running Vest

    A 9 Liter running backpack with a 2L water bladder. A multi-purpose adventure pack is stable and does not restrict your breathing. Great for running, biking, skiing, motorcycling and other fitness activities.

    $ 168.95 USD Buy

    Astral 2.0 Women's Running Vest

    A lightweight running vest for women who run, jog or train for endurance events. Designed to prevent chest compression, the UltrAspire Astral 2.0 is comfortable and stylish.

    $ 129.95 USD Buy

    Velocity Running Vest

    A 7.7 Liter running backpack with 2 x 550 ml water bottles. A multi-purpose, lightweight pack for races where a little more space is needed.

    $ 128.99 USD Buy

    Alpha 3.0 Running Vest

    A small 6 Liter running backpack carries 2 Liters of water. This running backpack will allow you to hydrate and fuel your adventure whether its trail running or marathon training.

    $ 124.95 USD Buy

    Revolution 2.0 Running Backpack

    A small 5.2L running backpack carries a minimum of 26 Oz of water in a form fitting water bottle. This running hydration backpack carries fuel and water in a fast, lightweight platform.

    $ 115.00 USD $ 134.99 USD Buy

    Revolt Running Vest

    Fast, lightweight and with a 550mL water bottle. The lightest running vest for its size. Great option when small is better like Obstacle Course Racing (OCR).

    $ 84.99 USD Buy

    Spry 2.0 Running Vest

    Runners can carry 1L in a water bladder and have extra space for essentials (3.3L total). Minimalist race vest, only 0.41 pounds. Great for Obstacle Course Racing (OCR).

    $ 69.99 USD Buy

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    What Makes UltrAspire Running Backpacks and Race Vests Better?

    This running gear is designed to contour to the human body so the runner can breathe freely. This enhances performance and comfort. The strategic layout of holsters, pockets, stowage and tie down points are positioned for no-fuss one-handed access. Bottles are angled and pockets have magnetic closures. These, and other features, provide a high level of functionality.