Gear for Obstacle Course Races (OCR)
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    Obstacle Course Race Gear

    Mud Gear for your next OCR that you can Trust

    Triathlons, Spartan Races, Tough Mudders and other obstacle course races take an extreme toll on your gear. Where do you get gear you can trust? Right here. This gear will get you through the toughest obstacles.

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    Spry 2.5 Running Vest

    The Spry 2.5 hydration Pack is a minimalist vest that can be used for everything from a 10k to a 100 miler. The Spry 2.5 is equipped with Max02® Sternum, trash pockets, shock cord for greater versatility and a larger quick stash in the back for more carrying capacity, 1Lt bladder compatible. One size fits most. Ultrarunning Magazine top pick.

    $ 69.99 USD Buy

    HitchSafe Receiver Vault

    The HitchSafe is a secure vault for your car keys and credit cards. Now you don't need to risk losing your keys in the mud if you are out for a trail run or competing in a Spartan Race or Tough Mudder.

    $ 69.95 USD Buy

    The Run Lock

    The Run-Lock is a secure padlock or key-safe for your car keys. Now you don't need to go running with your keys and you won't risk losing your keys in the mud! If you are out for a trail run or competing in a Spartan Race or Tough Mudder.

    $ 64.99 USD Buy

    Waterproof Bluetooth Earphones

    Create your Zen zone with these tiny (4.7g) bluetooth earphones.

    $ 49.95 USD Buy

    1mm Neoprene Vest

    Cold water sucks unless you are wearing this lightweight vest to keep you warm.

    $ 49.95 USD Buy

    Io 2.0 Running Belt

    A minimalist breathable waist pack for carrying essentials on your jog or run. Reflective highlights improve safety on morning or night runs.

    $ 22.95 USD Buy

    F250 Handheld

    Fuel your run with your custom nutrition requirements. Water straight up? No problem. Have a favorite energy gel? Mix it in.

    $ 15.95 USD Buy

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    How Does Obstacle Course Racing Simulate an Ancestral Lifestyle - Through Functional Movement Competition

    Lets face it, running from lions is no longer a concern for modern people. But we still have the instinct to run, climb and swim to survive. Most of us only feel the surge of Adrenalin when we get cut off in traffic. To feed and manage our instincts, we need simulated life or death struggles. We need to move in functional ways by climbing, pulling, lifting, digging, running, walking, swimming, etc. Modern urban humans do not routinely do any of these movements.