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    Jerkfit was forged from a love of functional fitness, its community and its way of life. They make products that protect Crossfit and other performance athletes.

    WODies are two products in one. They can protect your hands from blisters during Crossfit WODs that include pullups or rings. They also provide wrist support for overhead lifts like the Snatch and the Jerk. If you take your training seriously, get WODies for your next workout.

    NUBs protect your sore thumbs. Period.

    Deadlifts and cleans can be painful, especially if you are a dedicated athlete. Heavy lifts require the dreaded hook grip placing strain on your thumbs. Lift more weight, more often with NUBs and be pain free.


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    WODies: Hand Protection for Crossfit WODs

    Forget Crossfit gloves WODies are designed to protect Crossfitters from pull-up blisters and support your wrists during heavy lifts. Don't tear you hands, be done with blisters, add wrist support for killer Crossfit WOD’s.

    $ 39.95 USD Buy

    NUBs: Protection for your thumbs

    Sore thumbs from the Hook GripSick of tapeProtect your thumb with NUBs. Great for smashing Crossfit WODs.

    $ 9.95 USD Buy

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