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    Zygos 2.0 Running Vest

    A 9 Liter running backpack with a 2L water bladder. A multi-purpose adventure pack is stable and does not restrict your breathing. Great for running, biking, skiing, motorcycling and other fitness activities.

    $ 168.95 USD Buy

    Astral 2.0 Women's Running Vest

    A lightweight running vest for women who run, jog or train for endurance events. Designed to prevent chest compression, the UltrAspire Astral 2.0 is comfortable and stylish.

    $ 129.95 USD Buy

    Velocity Running Vest

    A 7.7 Liter running backpack with 2 x 550 ml water bottles. A multi-purpose, lightweight pack for races where a little more space is needed.

    $ 128.99 USD Buy

    Alpha 3.0 Running Vest

    A small 6 Liter running backpack carries 2 Liters of water. This running backpack will allow you to hydrate and fuel your adventure whether its trail running or marathon training.

    $ 124.95 USD Buy

    Revolt Running Vest

    Fast, lightweight and with a 550mL water bottle. The lightest running vest for its size. Great option when small is better like Obstacle Course Racing (OCR).

    $ 84.99 USD Buy

    Spry 2.0 Running Vest

    Runners can carry 1L in a water bladder and have extra space for essentials (3.3L total). Minimalist race vest, only 0.41 pounds. Great for Obstacle Course Racing (OCR).

    $ 69.99 USD Buy

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