Ellie Bianca Luxury Face Serums: Powerful Antioxidant Skin Repair for Morning and Night

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Ellie Bianca Luxury Face Serums: Powerful Antioxidant Skin Repair for Morning and Night

Posted On 06/08/2017 By Ellie Bianca Admin

When you’re looking for luxurious natural ingredients and noticeable results for younger-looking, supple skin, treat yourself to the restorative power of Ellie Bianca’s Face Serums.

Ellie Bianca’s new day and night serums are ultra lightweight and quick-absorbing anti-aging superheroes. You’ll find Immortelle, Glow and Rejuvenate a revolutionary part of your skin care regime. These irresistible serums are packed with responsibly sourced antioxidants and masterfully formulated to restore, protect and pamper three types of skin. There’s no filler here. We chose every ingredient in our new serums for its role in bringing you radiant skin.

Antioxidants are key to battling the inflammation and cell decay that cause signs of aging, like fine lines and wrinkles. In the case of our skin, antioxidants provide protection against free radicals, which are created when our skin is exposed to ultraviolet light. The antioxidants are scavengers seeking out the bad guys and protecting our cells against the damage those free radicals like to do to our collagen and even our DNA. Here is some of the science behind a few of our favorite antioxidant-rich botanicals and other sumptuous ingredients that we’ve specially selected in optimal concentrations for Ellie Bianca’s new serums. You’ve never met a serum that treats your skin so kindly.

Immortelle Night Serum

Especially good for: Treating younger acne prone skin, improving skin cell regeneration and reducing itchiness caused by eczema with its potent anti-inflammatory properties. Sea Buckthorn Extract: Sea Buckthorn is blessed with an abundance of antioxidant Vitamin C, plus Vitamin B, essential mineral acids and beta-carotenes to promote skin cell regeneration. The oil’s quick absorption allows for full potency and real results. We use CO2-extracted Sea Buckthorn, which we love as an alternative to harsher chemical-based extraction you might find elsewhere. Tamanu Oil: We source our Tamanu oil from Madagascar, though we’re fond the colloquial name of the tree in Australia, beauty leaf. Tamanu oil protects the skin’s moisture barrier and promotes skin cell regeneration, including scar healing.

Glow Day/Night Serum

Especially good for: Well cared-for mature skin experiencing hormonal changes. Marula oil: Marula is one of Africa’s most revered botanical treasures. It is rich in essential fatty acids and antioxidants, making it perfect for softening and smoothing the face. We source our Marula oil from predominantly women-operated community collectives. Baobab oil: The Baobab tree has been called the Tree of Life. Some Baobab trees are more than 1,000 years old. The non-greasy and antioxidant-rich Baobab oil absorbs quickly into skin to promote cellular renewal.

Rejuvenate Night Serum

Especially good for: Mature skin damaged by sun, smoking and other signs of a life lived. Sandalwood essential oil: Sandalwood enhances blood flow, nourishing skin cells and tightening the skin. Sandalwood oil isn’t ready to extract until the tree is at least 40 years old, so we ensure that our products are ethically sourced for people and planet alike. Our Sandalwood oil is extracted through steam distillation. We use just enough to be effective; you won’t notice a powerful fragrance. Grape Seed extract: Vitamin C-rich Grape Seed protects the skin from those free radicals that take a toll on healthy skin cells. It also contains oligomeric proanthocyanidin (OPC for short), a powerful antioxidant. Grape Seed extract provides a rich treatment that’s kind to mature skin in need of balance, providing anti-inflammatory assistance for restoration and renewal.

Ellie Bianca’s new face serums, Immortelle, Glow and Rejuvenate, are available now in select spas and online at EllieBianca.com. Coming soon to our Calgary shop.
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