Ellie Bianca's Amazing Natural Lip Balm in a Round Tin
  • Ellie Bianca's "Naturalle" Lip Balm

    A nourishing all natural lip balm blended with shea nut butter, coconut oil and calendula and finished with a touch of beeswax to seal in hydration. Ellie Bianca Lip Balm tins are available in energizing peppermint or naked (scentless).
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    Ellie Bianca's Naturalle Lip Balm

    This isn't your Grandma's Chapstick or your Drug Store check-out quality Lip Balm

    Chapped Lips It happens, sometimes your lips get dry and chapped. You need the best lip salve to get you back in the game and put that lip plump back. But sometimes you want a softer lip balm than a chapstick tube offers. Treat yourself to a nourishing blend of natural shea nut butter, coconut oil and calendula that is finished with a touch of beeswax to seal in luxurious hydration with every application. Never tested on animals at any point. But if you prefer a chapstick, check-out then have a look at Ellie Bianca's Naturalle Chapstick.

    Our all-natural, organic lip balms are lip protection you can count on. They will protect your lips to prevent dry, chapped lips in the winter months. In the summer, they provide deep hydration and protection from drying out in the sun.

    Lip Balm Flavors

    Ellie Bianca's Lip balms come in 10 ml tins and available in energizing Peppermint or Naked (scentless).

    Peppermint Lip Balm: Maximize Kiss-ability

    Make your lips a cool, sweet, peppermint surprise that is irresistible. Our peppermint organic lip balm deeply moisturizes and softens your lips in a natural way. But why stop thereOur lip balms are equally happy on his lips! Do yourself a favor and make sure he adds these chapstick products to his daily routine. We promise, he will be sure to thank you.With this beeswax blend of our carefully balanced combination of natural Shea Nut Butter, Coconut Oil & Calendula, you will feel a sense of luxury after application to lips. The unique hydrating power of Coconut Oil and the anti-inflammatory properties of Calendula work together to treat your lips and lock in moisture protecting your lips from the environment.

    Flavorless Lip Balm: For Sensitive Lips

    Even the most sensitive lips deserve a luscious treatment! A favorite product in our scentless skincare line, our Naked Lip Balm will return moisture to your lips and heal them quickly without added chemicals, perfumes, dyes of flavorings.

    • Model: LipBalmNaturalle
    • Manufacturer: Ellie Bianca

    All Natural Ingredients

    • Shea Nut Butter*
    • Coconut oil*
    • Beeswax*
    • Almond oil*
    • Olive flower oil*
    • Mango Butter*
    • Jojoba Oil
    • Mixture of Coconut & Palm Oils
    • Vitamin E
    • Stevia
    • Peppermint Essential Oil (Peppermint only)

    *Certified Organic / Organically Grown


    Place a small amount of Lips Naturalle onto your finger, wait a few second until it warms and softens. Gently apply to lips. Repeat if lips are still dry and as often as you like.