WODies: Crossfit Gloves to prevent hand blisters
  • WODies: Crossfit Gloves giving Hand Protection for Killer Crossfit WODs

    Forget Crossfit gloves WODies are designed to protect Crossfitters from pull-up blisters and support your wrists during heavy lifts. Don't tear you hands, be done with blisters, add wrist support for killer Crossfit WOD’s.
    $ 39.95 USD

    WODies: You Can't Crossfit with Blisters

    Created for Crossfit Athletes, by Crossfit Athletes

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    WODies by JerkFit are fingerless and they replace weightlifting gloves. They are superior to exercise gloves as they support your wrist while simultaneously protecting your palms from painful blisters that can delay your training and lead to callouses. This combination of support and protection is perfect for movements like the snatch pull-ups and works very well for WODs that combine multiple exercises like pull-ups, snatch, the Jerk, etc. They are perfect for WODs like Amanda (Muscle-Ups, Snatch), Jackie (Row, Thrusters, Pull-ups), and Fran (Thrusters, Pull-ups). WODies are designed to prevent hand tearing and are built from washable “hypo-allergenic latex-free woven elastic”. WODies are incredibly effective, and a must have for Crossfitters to prevent torn calluses and ripped palms.

    Forget Crossfit gloves. WODies provide wrist support and protect Crossfitter hands from pull-up blisters, support your wrists during heavy lifts and Killer WODs. We understand how crucial it is to take care of our hands, especially during a killer WOD. That is why we sell WODies. WODies protect your entire palm from painful rips, and the super sturdy built-in wrist wraps provide perfect support for those massive lifts. It's two products in one! /p

    WODies are made from high quality materials and are completely washer and dryer safe. They are specifically designed to prevent hand tearing while adding crucial wrist support during those killer WOD’s.
    Hand-made in the USA /strong from high-quality, hypo-allergenic latex-free woven elastic, these patented powerful palm protectors are slightly padded for extra comfort, washable, breathable, and come in a variety of colors.

    Forget about rubbing your open sores on those nasty, unsanitary bars where others have torn, spreading germs! Unlike cheap leather versions, WODies are made specifically to absorb chalk and sweat which combine for extra grip without EVER bunching or pinching. Provides a “natural glide” on the bar to absorb friction. You’re done with leather, forget about tape, if you want maximum protection, extra comfort with minimal feel and by far the most durable, long lasting gloves on the market, WODies are the absolute PREMIUM brand ... period. You’ll never want to attempt a WOD without a pair again. 

    For Best Results

    • Cut finger holes for a strong SNUG FIT /strong
    • Use with strong PLENTY OF CHALK /strong
    • Wash with like colors, tumble dry on low. Each package comes as a pair
    • a title= WODies sizing chart href= http://primalsanctuary.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/01/XL-handchart-copy.jpg target= _blank Click here for sizing chart /a
      • XLarge 4.75″+ (Inches)
      • Large 4″-4.75″
      • Medium 3.5″-4″
      • Small 3″-3.5″
      • /
        • Sizes determined by measuring from base of palm to base middle finger.
        • If you measure on the line between sizes, go with the smaller size.
        • /


            strong Q: My finger hole thread is unravelling, what should I do
            /strong A. This is common due to the nature of the abuse WODies take on a day to day basis. Please note that the finger hole’s thread is there strictly for aesthetics purposes and as a guide to where to cut finger holes for first use, the unravelling will not effect the overall function of the gloves in any way. The material covering the palm is extremely resilient and should not be affected by loss of the thread. If the thread does begin to unravel, feel free to cut off the extra string and continue use without worry.

            strong Q: Do you ship internationally
            /strong A: Yep, just about anywhere in the World! strong Free shipping applies to the USA only. /strong
            Q: How do I cut the finger holes on the WODies /strong A: There are tiny slits built into the gloves that you will cut using standard scissors. Be sure to cut carefully and slowly as to make sure the gloves fit SNUG around the fingers. The gloves will stretch with time so a SNUG fit will ensure a long lasting custom fit.
            Q: What if I cut into the thread of the finger holes and the thread begins to unravel
            /strong A: No worries! The thread is there as a guide to where to initially cut the finger holes and for aesthetic purposes, it has no functional value and can even be removed if necessary. The integrity of the glove will not be compromised.
            Q: How long do WODies last
            /strong A: Good question! That really depends on the type of athlete and how much they are used and abused so its difficult to put a number on it. We’ve been using the prototypes for over a year and they are still going strong! Even with the abuse they take on a weekly basis, the materials are extremely durable…
            Q: I just tried on my WODies for the first time. The gloves feel stiff, tight and slightly uncomfortable, did I purchase the wrong size
            /strong A: If you followed the size chart, then you have the perfect size! We designed WODies from durable materials that must be broken in. Consider them like a new pair of shoes or a brand new baseball glove, you must break these babies in! Right out of the package they may feel slightly stiff, a little tight and perhaps uncomfortable… thats perfectly normal. We recommend at least 3 WODs to really begin to feel the potential of these gloves. Soon they will mold perfectly to your hands, the wrist support will soften up and then you’ll forget you’re even wearing them. But your hands won’t! They’ll be thanking you!
            Q: Why does it feel slightly slippery on a pull-up bar for the first time
            /strong A: That is another example of needing to break them in. Right out of the package the material protecting the palm is smooth and needing a bit of abuse to really bring out its potential. Again we recommend about 3 WODs to start to feel them breaking in. The combination of chalk, sweat, and friction will begin to roughen them up enough to where you’ll feel PLENTY of grip! We could have slapped rubber on them, but then they would have stuck to the bar, bunched up and you hands would have slipped underneath the material causing friction. You don’t want that. You want a material that has a natural glide on the bar and stays flat against your hands, thats what prevents bunching.
            Q: I felt a little pain and friction at first when stringing multiple pull-ups together, what gives
            /strong A: Until the material has broken in and has stretched enough to conform to your hand, they might feel a bit tight or some friction may build up. That’s totally normal! It absolutely goes away and never comes back!
            Q: I notice the material folds a bit between my fingers, is this normal
            /strong A: Yes, that is just the nature of the design. However, once you grab the bar, that fold goes away, flattens out and you’ll have a nice smooth feel on the bar. We promise!
            Q: Do WODies really work
            /strong A: Yep! These do wonders for your hands. You will soon forget how miserable open sores and thick, dry calluses were. With proper hand maintenance, ripping will be a VERY rare, if ever, occasion. They really ARE amazing:)

            • Model: WODies
            • Manufacturer: JerkFit