Flexible Cup by UltrAspire
  • C2 Flexible Cup

    The C2 flexible cup reduces waste and the environmental impact of a paper cup and single use water bottles. Reduce waste, maintain hydration.
    $ 8.00 USD

    UltrAspire Flexible Cup

    The C2 Flexible Cup Greatly Reduces Waste and Environmental Impact

    No more single use racing cups! From start to finish a runner uses an average of 3 paper cups in a 5k race. A marathon with 5,000 runners uses an average of 55,000 paper cups. Reduce waste while maintaining a way to rehydrate. With a minimalist profile, this reusable cup packs away nicely or can be clipped to your pack. This lightweight, reusable cup is perfect for race events.

    • 6 oz/170 mL capacity
    • BPA-free, Phthalate-free, and PVC-free material.
    • Made from Polyurethane for superior strength and flexibility.
    • Folds easily into pocket.
    • Attachment loop for a clip or carabiner.
    See here for sizing charts and other product specifications
    • Model: RaceCup
    • Manufacturer: UltrAspire