Gear for the Crossfit Athlete
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    Gear for the Crossfit Athlete

    Kill that Crossfit WOD

    Crossfit beginners will notice that as their bodies, metabolism and endurance improve, new stresses are placed on the hands, thumbs, wrists, knees, ankles and hips. There are many products available on the market to help Crossfitters support these areas as they grow in strength. These athletic products include of wrist wraps, work-out gloves and compression sleeves taken from other fitness pursuits such as bodybuilding and gymnastics or designed specifically for Crossfit athletes. Primal Sanctuary has selected what we feel is the best Crossfit Equipment and we proved high quality / specialty Crossfit gear for Crossfit athletes such as WODies and NUBs from Jerkfit. We also carry fitness water bottles and collapsible cups by UltrAspire. So whether you are a Crossfit beginner or a serious power athlete, we have your Crossfit gear.

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    The Run Lock

    The Run-Lock is a secure padlock or key-safe for your car keys. Now you don't need to go running with your keys and you won't risk losing your keys in the mud! If you are out for a trail run or competing in a Spartan Race or Tough Mudder.

    $ 64.99 USD Buy

    Waterproof Bluetooth Earphones

    Create your Zen zone with these tiny (4.7g) bluetooth earphones.

    $ 49.95 USD Buy

    WODies: Hand Protection for Crossfit WODs

    Forget Crossfit gloves WODies are designed to protect Crossfitters from pull-up blisters and support your wrists during heavy lifts. Don't tear you hands, be done with blisters, add wrist support for killer Crossfit WOD’s.

    $ 39.95 USD Buy

    Iso Versa Handheld Water Bottle

    Endurance athletes will appreciate this 20 Oz water bottle made for small hands. Soft and squeezable, no gripping is necessary!

    $ 24.95 USD Buy

    Human 20 2.0 Water Bottles

    A squeezable water bottle containing 20oz that will fit in your standard bike water cage.

    $ 10.00 USD Buy

    NUBs: Protection for your thumbs

    Sore thumbs from the Hook GripSick of tapeProtect your thumb with NUBs. Great for smashing Crossfit WODs.

    $ 9.95 USD Buy

    C2 Flexible Cup

    The C2 flexible cup reduces waste and the environmental impact of a paper cup and single use water bottles. Reduce waste, maintain hydration.

    $ 8.00 USD Buy

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    How Does Crossfit Simulate an Ancestral Lifestyle - Through Functional Movement Practice

    Modern Humans no longer move in a way that represent our recent ancestors. In days past, people spent their days foraging, hunting, socializing and sleeping. These activities allowed our species to evolve with certain movement patterns. Among these climbing, pulling, lifting, digging, running, walking, swimming, etc. Todays office working human does not routinely do any of these movements. In Crossfit, and other functional movement practices, patterns of movement that are part of our species’ history are used. This improves our overall strength, mobility, stamina and balance. Functional training gives your whole body a workout and builds muscles that you were meant to use in your everyday life.


    If you walk into any Crossfit box around the world, you will be met with enthusiasm and all the members will want to get to know you. In Crossfit, the tribe's social group is reinforced by the WOD where members encourage each other to do their very best.


    While not universal, Crossfit and Paleo are lifestyles that are often intertwined. Paleo is a great way to avoid certain lifestyle diseases and lose weight. The basis of Palea is the theory that an animal should eat what it evolved to eat. In the simplest terms, carnivores should eat meat, herbivores should eat plants and omnivores should eat both. Then what should we eat?

    Humans are omnivorous as evidenced by our dentition and nutrient requirements. Taking this a step further, humans should eat foods that can be found in nature and that we relied on as evolutionary pressures worked to make us human. Paleo followers point out that there are no boxed foods growing on trees. In addition, they avoid processed foods that contain chemicals or foods that would be inefficient for our ancestors to eat are to be avoided. That includes flour as our ancestors would not have spent the time to clip grass seeds, then dry and grind the harvest. Other foods would have been much simpler to collect and eat.

    Over time, the Paleo movement has evolved but many still see Paleo as a meat only Caveman diet. Today, most Paleo practitioners follow a more plant based diet. New archaeology evidence is being found continuously and the Paleo diet must remain non-dogmatic and adjust to new discoveries as they are made.