Adventure Travel: Surfing and Yoga YOLO

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Adventure Travel: Surfing and Yoga YOLO

Posted On 04/20/2016 By Primal Admin

Our ancestors didn’t have a travel agent to help them walk, sail, float, or run across vast expanses of land, mountains and oceans to populate the earth. Luckily, you have resources for Adventure Travel. Our quest to do difficult things often involves adventure travel to remote areas of the planet to do epic stuff. The article 10 Reasons Adventure Travel is good for you explains that travel can improve your health, mental acuity, tolerance for uncertainty, mindfulness, confidence. But most importantly it allows us to free ourselves from our lives. Travelling, especially adventure travelling, requires one to leave all their possessions behind and place their trust and often their lives in the hands of their travel companions and often, complete strangers. There are few times in modern life when you can free yourself from your burdens, impediments and encumbrances and experience the wanderlust of life at its most primal sense.

G Adventures

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Surf Yoga Retreat (Costa Rica)

Lucero Surf Retreats is located on Costa Rica’s beautiful Pacific coast. The blooming village of Santa Teresa is situated in the middle of Costa Rica’s surfing mecca. What was once just ten years ago a dirt road and a few small hostels is now brimming with international tourists and worldwide wave-chaser! You will be staying at an exclusive beautiful-resort only 25 meters from the ocean. With luxurious villas and rooms, surrounded by a tropical lush garden, a pool to cool off in, a beautiful yoga studio and a small restaurant to enjoy your breakfast and lunches. Lucero Surf Retreats offers a surf / yoga package which is a lot of fun for young and old! Including accommodations, food, surfing, massage, yoga and more! Every package is for six nights-seven days and includes accommodations, breakfast, lunch, surfing and/or yoga. But you can put together your own package as well and stay for as long as you want. Our surf packages are perfect for beginners to those with more intermediate skills, our surf instructors have chased waves all over the world and know exactly how to teach you the skills of catching a wave in a safe and fun way. If you have no experience with surfing, no problem there's no better place in the world to learn.

Surf Yoga Vacation (Lahaina, Maui)

Lucero runs their surf camps all year long, every week from Saturday till the following Sunday, but custom dates are also possible. Some weeks will have less people and some weeks more based on seasonality but we promise that the experience is all the same!

Surf Goddess - Surf, Yoga & Spa Retreats for Women (Indonesia)

Our surf and yoga retreats for women feature: Personalized surf lessons for women tailored for beginner surfers, Revitalizing yoga classes, Decadent spa treatments, Traditional Bali cultural tour , Private villa accommodation & Delicious organic meals prepared daily.

Come and dance on tropical waves, spark your spirit as you explore exotic cultures, nourish your body and restore your well-being with us! Surf Goddess Retreats is the perfect place for women who want to learn how to surf. Our private group lessons are especially designed for the Surf Goddesses, so you are sure to be standing up on the board by the end of your first lesson! The majority of our guests are solo travellers and beginner surfers, and we have designed our surf camps so that you can have a fun and safe environment to learn how to surf for the first time. You will receive personal attention at all times in our surf classes. Your surf lessons are held at a friendly beach break with warm water waves. Our foundation program will give you all the skills you need to prepare you for a lifetime of surfing.

We believe you don't need to rough it to go on a yoga retreat or surf camp. At our women only retreats great care has been taken to create a pampering space fit for a Goddess! Be transported to a softer, gentler world at our quietly elegant property that was created specifically for Surf Goddess Retreats alone. Enjoy kicking off your shoes and lounging in a private haven that captures the timeless essence of island tranquility. Awaken to the joyful song of birds as the warm tropical sun rises and be lulled to sleep by the faint rhythmic sounds of the ocean as you dream of riding its waves. Fondly called the 'Surf Goddess Sanctuary', our colonial style villa is full of fanciful feminine details and a place where you can truly relax and retreat. Each room is individually decorated in our own 'laid back luxe' that reflects our love of the ocean and the exotic history of Bali. You'll feel totally at ease in your 'home away from home', with every bedroom having all the modern comforts you need to enjoy your stay - from fresh cotton linens, Ipod dock stereo, hair dryers and our own custom blended spa products. All bedrooms are fully air-conditioned, while the open and airy living spaces spill seamlessly into the colorful foliage of the surrounding gardens to capture the balmy Indian Ocean breeze. Peaceful and serene, the property lies within easy reach of many fantastic shops, day spas, restaurants, attractions and the beach.

Daily breakfasts, lunches and dinners are included in your retreat package. Our daily meals are prepared with love and care, so you benefit from a healthy and delicious menu that will compliment your surf, yoga & spa experience. You will enjoy a sampling of international and asian cuisine with each meal presenting new dishes so that you can look forward to a fresh taste sensation every day. Each day your meals will include ingredients such as freshly caught seafood, organic locally grown vegetables & fresh tropical fruits, home-made baked goods. Meals at the villa are served with purified spring water, fresh fruit juices, Bali's famous local coffee, herbal, green & black teas. Our guests' dining experience while on the retreats has always been a highlight, so much so it has often be joked that we should be called 'gourmet goddess' retreats!

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