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    Water Survival Puck: Water Purification Kit

    Safe drinking water is imperative for survival. The compact, pocket-sized Survival Water Puck helps you treat over 6 gallons of water.

    $ 15.00 USD Buy

    Medication Survival Puck: Multi-Symptom Medicine

    Deal with allergies, burns, itches, and pains in seconds with the super-lightweight Medicine Puck.

    $ 13.00 USD Buy

    Light Survival Puck: Emergency Light Kit

    Be prepared for anything with this small, lightweight kit for the dark

    $ 13.00 USD Buy

    Fire Survival Puck: Emergency Fire Starting Kit

    Fire Starting Kit in a compact puck container

    $ 15.00 USD Buy

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    WODies: Hand Protection for Crossfit WODs

    Forget Crossfit gloves WODies are designed to protect Crossfitters from pull-up blisters and support your wrists during heavy lifts. Don't tear you hands, be done with blisters, add wrist support for killer Crossfit WOD’s.

    $ 39.95 USD Buy

    Quantum 2.0 Running Belt

    This comfortable running waist pack can carry larger cell phones on your outdoor adventure. Great for trail running, jogging, training and marathons.

    $ 31.95 USD Buy

    The Run Lock

    The Run-Lock is a secure padlock or key-safe for your car keys. Now you don't need to go running with your keys and you won't risk losing your keys in the mud! If you are out for a trail run or competing in a Spartan Race or Tough Mudder.

    $ 64.99 USD Buy

    Ellie Bianca's "Naturalle" Chapstick

    Ellie Bianca's all natural lip chap will sooth your lips even in the driest winters. This nourishing blend of natural shea nut butter, coconut oil and calendula is finished with a touch of beeswax to seal in hydration. Available in energizing peppermint or naked (scentless).

    $ 6.40 USD Buy